Friday, May 8, 2009


So I decided to challenge my old FHE brother to a bake-off after he insulted my roomie's baked goods. So we set it up, and we each baked something. My offerings were cupcakes. I did two kinds, a double chocolate mint cake with dark chocolate mousse, and a strawberry butter cake with fluffy marshmallow icing. Yes, I know I am an overachiever, I do plate designs. Don't judge me.

The Strawberry Cake

The Double Chocolate Fudge Mint Cake

My Contender was Craig, who brought Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread.

After our numerous judges tried all the goods...

The boys...Kyle, Travis, and Craig


After the judging, it was decided that the winner was....Both!
Because of the differences between the baked goods, it was decided that each was good for a different purpose. Lame. I think I showed much more skill. At least in appearance, I win hands down! We decided to have a round two, baking a set product at the same time. So stay tuned!

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  1. You SO won. In my opinion... he couldn't hold a candle.